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Future of War

Describing tomorrow's wars.

About this Program

Developments both in the technological drivers of warfare and the enemies we face have erased the boundaries between what we have traditionally regarded as “war” and “peace.”

drone.jpgToday, we are at a major inflection point, one in which technology is reshaping the way wars are fought. The future of warfare will be shaped by the role of ever-smaller drones; robots on the battlefield; offensive cyber war capabilities; extraordinary surveillance capabilities, both on the battlefield and of particular individuals; greater reliance on Special Operations Forces operating in non-conventional conflicts; the militarization of space, and a Moore’s Law in biotechnology that has important implications for bio-weaponry.

Our Objectives

New America is in a unique position to describe the future of warfare in the next decade or more, predict its likely impact on the state and other forms of social organization, do the heavy theoretical lifting that will develop a new paradigm for armed conflict/systematic violence across borders, and prescribe the laws and international protocols necessary to help govern that future.

Essays on the Future of War

Foreign Policy hosted an essay contest describing the future of war. Those essays can be found here.

Future of War Staff

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Vice President, Director of Studies, Director, International...
Peter Bergen is a print, television and web journalist, documentary producer...
Rosa Brooks
Senior Fellow

As a Schwartz fellow at New America, Rosa Brooks studies and writes on the...

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Senior Advisor, International Security Program

The Honorable Sharon E. Burke is a senior advisor to the New America...

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Policy Analyst, International Security Program

Bailey Cahall is a policy analyst with the International Security Program at...

Alan B. Davidson
Vice President, Technology Policy and Strategy and Director,...

Alan Davidson is New America's Vice President for Technology Policy and...

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Research Fellow, Open Technology Institute
Tim Maurer focuses on cyberspace and international affairs at New America. His...
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Founder, Open Technology Institute

Sascha Meinrath is Director of X-Lab, an innovative new venture focusing on...

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ASU Future of War Senior Fellow

Douglas A. Ollivant is a Senior National Security Fellow with the New...

Thomas E. Ricks
Senior Advisor on National Security, International Security...

Thomas Ricks is Senior Advisor on National Security at New America's...

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President and CEO

Anne-Marie Slaughter is currently the president and CEO of the New America...

Articles and Op-Eds

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Peter Warren Singer
Thomas E. Ricks
September 04 | Foreign Policy
Thomas E. Ricks
August 25 | CNN
Peter Bergen
Emily Schneider
August 22 | CNN
Peter Bergen
Emily Schneider
August 08 | CNN
Douglas Ollivant
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